J/109 Class 2020 General Meeting Agenda and Materials, 5th December 2020

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October 3, 2023
Dear J/109 sailors,

Ahead of our General Meeting to be held at 11:00am on Saturday 12th December, 2020, please take a look at the links below for the materials proposed to be dicussed:

  1. General Meeting Agenda
  2. Minutes of the 2019 AGM
  3. Chairmans 2020 Statement
  4. Financial Review 2020
  5. Sailing Calendar 2021
  6. Class Rules 2021
  7. Black line of changes from 2019 rules (this is a word file that you will have to download and view)
Please remember that, to vote at the GM you will need to be a full member of the class for 2020.  If you have not yet paid your subscription, please do so in advance of the meeting and this subscription will also cover you for 2021.

Dial in details for the committee meeting on Zoom will only be sent to paid up full and associate members of the Class Association.

We are still looking for volunteers for the role of Marketing and Publicity, which includes the management of the web site.  Please do let me know if you would be interested.

A summary of changes to the rules is as follows:

  1. 4 f) limiting the liability of the committee
  2. 6 a) gives the committee more flexibility on the timing and format of the AGM and to accommodate virtual voting
  3. 7 a) Flexibility for the committee to set the level of the subscription and period of membership for which it applies.  We intend to make 2020 subscriptions valid for 2021 and we need this wording to achieve that.
  4. Measurement rules paragraph 1: Certain changes to Part 2. of the measurement rules to reflect that fact that J/Boats Inc. are now less involved in the J/109 class and allowing owners to do repairs and source replacements more openly, but still to, or as close as possible to, the original specifications.
  5. Various tidy ups related to references to World Sailing regulations
  6. 4.3.13 inclusion of “winches” to this paragraph, which allows replacement winches of similar specification to be permitted without specific approval required.
  7. 4.3.17 to 18 and 5.4.2 and 5.4.3 Changes to reflect the end of the transitional period, removing the option of overlapping headsails
  8. 4.3.19 permission to use a rope-based cascade backstay system

Finally, please don't forget to take advantage of the Cascade Backstay and Winch offer from SRM Marine (below) while there is still time.


Simon Perry
Class Chairman

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